Our Rotary Club is active in Local, District, and International Rotary events. This is shown in our Awards for various Service and Dedication to the Rotary Foundation. The items listed below are for the year of



Holiday Island Rotary Club has been recognized by Rotary International

for the following Awards

2 Star Club Awards

1 Bronze Club Award


Below is a complete list of Members past and present that have been awarded a

  Paul Harris Fellowship

Edward Albro PH
Terry Bushay PH+5 5
Brian Dwain Byerley PH  
Nile Carrothers PH
Randall Cavanah PH
Bobby Deaton PH  
John Dolce PH
Jack  Funsch PH+2 2
Linda Graves PH  
Gordon P Harris PH  
Ann  Helmer PH
Ben Helmer PH  
Robert Herring PH  
Dorothy  Hill PH
Jim  Hirnisey PH+1 1
John Ingelhart PH
Marguerite Lodewyks PH+9 9
Ed  McKee PH
Bill  Mills PH+1 1
Ken  Mills PH
Linda  Peterson PH
Rick  Ragan PH
Robert  Schmidbauer PH+3 3
Sally  Schmidbauer PH +2 2
Dean  Schuttlefield PH+1 1
Al Selleck PH  
Wes  Stille PH
Perla  Talebi PH
Douglas Taylor PH
Rita Trickel PH  
John  Wallace PH
Nancy Werbitzky PH  
Boyce  Williams PH
Marvin Williams PH  
Keith Williamson PH+1 1